Retirement 101

Step 1: Learn the basics and meet our team.

Tax Savings

Step 2: Review tax advantages and data.

Smart Planning

Step 3: Prepare your plan and launch it.


Step 4: Run your plan for decades to come.

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How to build a company retirement plan

An intelligently crafted business retirement plan isn’t only a smart tax optimization tool, it also stands as a compelling strategy for owners, founders, and partners to strategically manage their company. Beyond enticing top-tier talent, it also empowers an enterprise with a long-term trajectory that sparks planning, savings, and growth.

Tax Savings

A well-designed retirement plan is a surefire way to stand out from the competition, maximize the potential of your business, and position yourself for the long-term.

Reward Top Talent

Without a retirement plan, you’re missing out on tax savings. In addition, without a retirement plan, you’re falling behind your competition that offers one.

The Retirement Basics

Pensionalysis Incorporated was founded in 1981 and has over 40+ years of corporate retirement planning services. We’ll show you the basics start to finish.

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Our comprehensive guide covers all things retirement planning, including an overview of how the industry works from ours to record keepers and brokerages.

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